How to Avoid Clogged Plumbing

Do you enjoy your comfortable, clean home? Your plumbing plays a huge part in keeping it that way. And if you know how to avoid clogged plumbing, you’ll keep on enjoying your home.

To help make sure your home stays comfortable and clean, we’ve come up with 3 easy ways to avoid clogged plumbing. Let’s take a look at …

How to Avoid Clogged Plumbing

As common-sense as these tips are, a reminder never hurt anyone. Follow these rules to keep your plumbing clear (and also make your sink drain like a charm).

1. Don’t Pour Grease Down Your Sink

We know cleaning up after a meal is tedious – yet necessary. For that reason, avoid taking a shortcut and dumping grease, frying oil, or anything that’s not water down the sink. Grease can build up (fast) and clog your drain pipes. That’ll eventually cause you to call a plumber.

Greases and oils that are poured down the drain will cool and coagulate – a common cause of clogs. What people don’t know is that clogs aren’t simply blockage of one pipe. They can also lead to a major issue with your entire plumbing system, as parts dislodge and move into other pipes.

Tip: the best way to get rid of grease is to let it cool, then scrape it into a non-recyclable container. Then throw it away.

2. Don’t Use Store-Bought Cleaners on Old Pipes

Convenience is a real thing. And store-bought drain clog busters are no exception. We all probably even have a favorite brand. But if you have old pipes, a store-bought cleaner will do more harm than good.

Your favorite cleaner has harsh chemicals that can cause severe corrosion and make your drainpipes leak – especially if you clean your old pipes with the cleaner regularly.

Professional drain cleaning will take care of your pipes and make sure they stay intact while clearing the clogs.

Tip: If your pipes seem to have recurring issues with clogs, call a pro plumber.

3. Use Your Trash Can

We understand that the name “Garbage Disposal” can be misleading. Especially when we tell you it’s not actually meant for garbage.

Your garbage disposal isn’t built to handle large amounts of food waste. Processing fibrous foods like celery and potato peels can quickly cause some nasty clogs.

To prevent any plumbing issues, make sure to toss your food scraps in a compost pile or the trash can. In addition, use the disposal more to handle small stuff that ends up in the sink as you wash dishes.

Tip: Keep the water running when you turn your garbage disposal on. It’ll help break the food up and push it through the pipes more thoroughly.

We hope these tips help you to keep your plumbing clear – so you can live in comfort. Should you come down with a clogged pipe, Call Legacy Plumbing in Chattanooga. We’ll be happy to restore your pipes to good working order!